Congress 2018 Workshop Session topics will include:

You do not have to pre-register for the workshop sessions.  All sessions are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, so please arrive promptly.

5-concurrent sessions - Wednesday, April 25 2018. 11:00am - 12:30pm 

An Interactive Roundtable on Homelessness

  • Join this unique interactive workshop that will allow delegates to participate in three of six thirty-minute roundtable presentations.  Each roundtable will provide an intimate, focused presentation, through small group discussion.

Youth Homelessness Prevention in Canada: Youth's perspectives on what it would take
Kaitlin Schwan, Postdoctoral Fellow, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (ON)

Towards Health and Well-being through Cultural Community
Kathy Stinson, CEO, Victoria Cool Aid Society (BC)

Putting Technology to Use in Preventing & Ending Homelessness: Innovations from Canada & Beyond
Dr. Alina Turner, Principal, Turner Strategies (AB)

Single Women Experiencing Chronic Homelessness
Mary-Elizabeth Vaccaro, McMaster U/Women’s Housing Planning Collaborative (ON)

Cross-sectoral collaboration to solve homelessness across Canada
Abe Oudshoorn, Assistant Professor, Western University (ON)
Kristy Buccieri, Assistant Professor, Trent University (ON)

Park Bench World Making: On sitting still, passing time and envisioning futurity
Sam Stiegler, PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia  (BC & NY)

Moderator: Melanie Redman, President and CEO, A Way Home Canada
Session Sponsor: A Way Home Canada

Financing, Land & Organizational Capacity: Affordable Housing Development

  • Affordable housing development is contingent on three pillars: money to finance, land to build, and organizational capacity to execute. Learn from Housing Services Corporation about efforts to tackle the lack of long term financing as a gap to developing affordable housing, including the creation of a sector bank providing innovative funding to housing development projects across Canada.  Rehabitat will talk about the Saint John Land Bank – a tool to acquire lands that are in an acute state of decline and reposition them for productive use, such as affordable housing, that benefits the entire community. Hear from Cahdco, a non-profit real estate development corporation about how best to organize, fund, and otherwise support affordable housing development by non-profit organizations.

Howie Wong, CEO, Housing Services Corporation (ON)
Kit Hickey, Executive Director, Housing Alternatives Inc. & Rehabitat Inc. (NB) 
Graeme Hussey, President, Cahdco (ON)

Moderator: Kaye Melliship, CHRA Regional Director-British Columbia & Executive Director, Greater Victoria Housing Society
Session Sponsor: HSC

Housing Challenges and Opportunities for Newcomers to Canada

  • This session will explore newcomers’ experiences of housing and homelessness in Canada. Findings, and policy implications, from two studies will be presented: a cross-Canada study on Syrian refugees’ housing challenges of finding suitable and affordable permanent housing, based largely on interviews with Resettlement Assistance Program providers; and, a research project on hidden homelessness among newcomers in York Region (ON), asking the question of whether “doubling-up” with other families is merely a cultural preference or an involuntary response to affordability issues. This session will also feature IRCOM House discussing their holistic wrap around approach to providing safe, affordable, transitional housing for newcomers up to 3 years from arrival – the only such housing facility in Canada!

    Damaris Rose
    , Professeure honoraire / Honorary Professor, Université INRS - Centre de recherche Urbanisation Culture Société (QC); and Alexandra Charette, PhD Candidate, University of Ottawa (QC)
    Cassandra Vink, Principal, Vink Consulting (ON)
    Dorota Blumczynska, Executive Director, Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (MB) 

Moderator: Kristen Holinsky, Executive Director, Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa

Implementing a Right to Housing in Canada

  • The National Housing Strategy released by the Government of Canada in November 2017, recognized that housing rights are human rights and stated that the federal government is taking steps to progressively implement the right of every Canadian to access adequate Housing. Currently, the government is in the consultation phase on the key elements of a human rights based approach to housing, and the proposed approach to new legislation. This panel session, including international perspectives, will discuss what is meant by a rights based approach to housing and what it could mean for Canadians.
    In this session CMHC will also provide an overview of their current approach.

Leilani Farha, UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing (UN)
Bruce Porter, Executive Director, Social Rights Advocacy Centre (ON)
Emily Kinama, Research and Litigation Associate, Katiba Institute (Kenya) 
Juha Kaakinen, Chief Executive Officer, The Y-Foundation (Finland)

Moderator: Dominika Krzeminska, Director, Programs and Strategic Initiatives, Canadian Housing and Renewal Association

Innovations in Housing Stability in Ottawa

  • Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association’s Innovations in Housing Stability project profiles eight unique initiatives that have helped diverse low- and moderate-income people find and keep a home that meets their needs – from Aboriginal families, seniors, and women leaving violence, to the previously homeless or those struggling with mental health or substance use issues. Two case studies will be showcased: 
    The Oaks: Enabling homeless alcoholics and people with serious physical and mental health challenges to stay housed and to rebuild their health and their lives.
    Social Housing Registry of Ottawa: A provider-led system that breaks down funding silos to promote access to a wide range of affordable and supportive housing

Stephen Bartolo, Director of Operations, Shepherds of Good Hope (ON)
Ishbel Solvason, Executive Director, The Social Housing Registry of Ottawa (ON)
Michelle Coombs, Manager, Education and Member Services, Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ON)

Moderator: Meg McCallum, Past President, Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association 

4-concurrent sessions - Wednesday, April 25 2018. 2:00pm - 3:30pm 

Building Up: A Renewal of Social Housing

  • In this session hear about the unique challenges facing Canada’s northern Territories when it comes to modernizing their social housing portfolios.  Ontario’s Ministry of Housing will outline the key components of its Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update and detail the province’s recent work surrounding the modernization of social housing in Ontario. Wiener Wohnen, the public housing agency of Vienna will speak to the history of social housing as well as to the current situation of social housing in Vienna – specifically the split of social housing as public housing by the city of Vienna, and subsidized housing by non-profit housing cooperatives.

Janet Hope, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Housing, Government of Ontario (ON)
Tom Williams, President, North West Territories Housing Corporation (NWT)
Karin Ramser, Director of Wiener Wohnen, Public Housing Agency of Vienna (Austria)

Moderator: Douglas Wong, Program Manager, Policy and Government Relations, Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada

Life of Tenants Beyond Housing: Building Community 

  • A home is built on more than just housing. Connection to the community and a sense of belonging are important aspects of making a house into a home. This session will offer perspectives on community integration and fostering a sense of belonging among tenants, including individuals leaving homelessness. The Bloom Group will share their integrated approach to long-term tenancies, which includes housing services, and supports that meet the immediate needs of individuals, while systematically building a foundation that strengthens community sustainability.  And, Capital Region Housing (CRH) will share finding of their 2017 tenant well-being survey to better understand tenants and the challenges facing their households, extending CRH’s promise to tenants about helping them find a way home and creating a holistic approach to customer relations.

Stephanie Rattelade, Quality Experience & Evaluation Coordinator, Stella’s Place (ON); Jen Crawford, Executive Director, Anglican Social Services-Centre 454 (ON); John Ecker, Director of Research and Evaluation, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (ON)
Karl Tegenfeldt, Manager, Affordable Housing Services, The Bloom Group; and Munir Velji, Mental Health Housing Manager, The Bloom Group (BC)
Esther de Vos, Director of Policy, Research and Strategic Initiatives, Capital Region Housing (AB)

Moderator: Christina Maes Nino, Community Animator, Social Planning Council of Winnipeg 

Kairos Blanket Exercise

  • An interactive teaching session to share the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. *2.5hrs*

Strengthening & Diversifying Affordable Housing Portfolios & Operations 

  • In this session, learn about the potential for CMHC’s Rental Construction Financing Initiative to benefit non-profit affordable housing providers, like Ottawa Community Housing, by helping to expand their portfolios and strengthen their financial sustainability. SOLIDES will share the challenges and benefits of their diversified portfolio approach where, within the same organization, they own two types of properties: buildings approved and subsidized by the Québec government through the Accès logis program and buildings acquired on the private market through bank financing and without government assistance.  And, the Alberta Rural Development Network will talk about their Sustainable Housing Initiative (SHI) which was created to support communities and organizations in their efforts to increase their affordable housing portfolios, and the step-by-step guide the SHI is developing on building sustainable affordable housing in Canada.

Steve Pomeroy, Focus Consulting Inc. (Nat’l)
François Giguère, Directeur général, SOLIDES (QC)
Lisa Bélanger, Program Manager, Housing, Alberta Rural Development Network (AB); and, Joshua Bénard, Program Director, Housing, Alberta Rural Development Network (AB)

Moderator: Jessica W. Chen, Consultant, Réseau québécois des OSBL d’habitation

5-concurrent sessions - Thursday, April 26 2018. 11:00am - 12:15pm

Growing the Sector: Recruitment and Retention of the Next Generation of Leaders

  • What do leaders look like today and what will they look like in the future? 
    Drawing on research completed by Housing Partnership Canada, this session will focus on future proofing organizations through the recruitment and retention of the next generation of leaders; and identify the new core competencies needed to support innovation and organizational development within organizations. 
    The session will discuss three types of organizations; those focused on, renewal, diversification, or corporate sustainability.

Greg Dewling, CEO, Capital Region Housing Corporation (AB)
Kevin Albers, CEO, M’akola Group of Societies (BC)
Lisa Oliviera, Program Manager, Strategic Initiatives & Asset Renewal, Housing Services Corporation (ON)

Moderator: Pamela Hine, CHRA Regional Director, Northern Territories; and President, Yukon Housing Corporation

Success through Sector Collaborations and Community Partnerships

  • Cross-sectoral collaborations and partnerships between community entities can help to address complex problems, and to unify resources to produce better outcomes for people served. Services and Housing in the Province (SHIP) will talk about two innovative supportive housing models: High Support, a partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; and, Housing in Place, which uses a Housing First approach within a multi-disciplinary team of specialists.  Le Réseau québécois des OSBL d'habitation (RQOH) will speak to a recently conducted study on non-housing income generation activities by non-profit housing for seniors providers and the successful partnerships with social businesses and community organizations. Canada Revenue Agency will talk about their new Service Outreach Program in Ottawa which is focused on providing valuable tax credit and benefits information through partnerships with organizations serving people who are low income, home insecure, experiencing homelessness, youth, Indigenous seniors, individuals with disabilities, and newcomers.

Michelle Oosterhof, Community Mental Health Counsellor-Hoarding Specialist in the Housing In Place Program (HIP program), Services and Housing in the Province (SHIP) (ON); and, Tara Soucie, Community Mental Health Counsellor in the High Support Program, Services and Housing in the Province (SHIP) (ON)
Jacques Beaudoin, Secrétaire général, Le Réseau québécois des OSBL d'habitation (RQOH) (QC)
Nicole Cook, Outreach Officer, Ottawa, Assessment, Benefit, and Service Branch, Canada Revenue Agency (Nat’l)

Moderator: Lisa Ker, Executive Director, Ottawa Salus Corporation

Women and Housing in Canada: Bringing an intersectional gender analysis to housing 

  • Considering the range of women’s experience across diversity and different lived experienced, this interactive panel of visions will discuss: Why housing for women and children is different and why it is important to address; What housing providers can do to make housing affordable and accessible for All women; and What is possible in the context of funds to flow from the National Housing Strategy. It will consider the range of women’s experience across diversity and different lived experiences

Janice Abbot, CEO, Atira Women’s Resource Society, Pan Canadian Voice for Women’s Housing (BC)
Fran Klodawsky, Board Member, The Haven; and Associate Professor, Carleton University (ON)
Leïla Sieg, The Haven (ON)
Dodie Jordaan, Associate Executive Director, Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc. (MB)

Moderator: Delores Peltier-Corkley, The Three Fires Confederacy, City for All Women Initiative (CAWI), and Gignul Non-Profit Housing

Perpetual affordability and community control of the land: Community Land Trusts in Canada

  • Throughout Canada, the community land trust movement is picking up speed. This model proposes an approach to land that ensures perpetual affordability and community control of the land, having its North American roots in Georgia with Black farmers seeking economic independence during the Civil Rights era. Flexible, this tool aligns with the existing needs and characteristics of the communities in which it is used. It offers the opportunity to protect commercial properties, community gardens, co-ops, and single and multi-family homes from the speculative real estate market. This session will provide an overview of emerging initiatives in Canada that bring into focus our collective vision for community land stewardship.  

Joshua Barndt, Executive Director, Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust (ON)
Marie-Sophie Banville, Développement des communautés, Vivacité - Société immobilière solidaire (QC)
Stephanie Allen, Hogan’s Alley Trust & Vice President Project Planning & Partnerships, Catalyst Community Developments Society (BC)

Moderator: Lilian Chau, Community Investment Portfolio Manager, Vancity
Session Sponsor: Vancity

Connecting Indigenous Youth Aging out of Care with Housing

  • This session will highlight barriers faced by youth aging out of care, review current Canadian research linking Indigenous youth in care to homelessness, and discuss the importance of culturally appropriate supports. Dakota Ojibway Child and Family Services will speak to the needs for housing support for Indigenous youth aging out of care. Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre will talk about their Youth Housing First Project – Beaver Medicine Bundle, as well as their success as an Indigenous led non-profit. EGADZ will speak to their youth transitional housing helping youth and their families make healthy choices that improve their quality of life.

Sharon Redsky, Grant/Proposal Specialist, Dakota Ojibway Child and Family Services (MB)
Larry Wucherer, Operations Manager, Ma Mawi Chi Itata Centre (MB)
Don Meikle, Executive Director, EGADZ - Youth Transitional Housing (SK)

Moderator: Alexandra Christian, Aboriginal Portfolio Advisor, Aboriginal Housing Management Association

4-concurrent sessions - Thursday, April 26 2018. 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Creating Successes for Seniors: Models for Aging in Place

  • In this session learn about CIHR funded Age-Friendly Cities project that uses data from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging to assess the WHO dimensions of Age-Friendliness in eight Canadian cities as well as overall. Fondation Berthiaume-Du Tremblay will discuss, Le Quartier des Générations - a global concept in which three seniors housing projects will be integrated based on the idea that seniors housing should be opened to the neighbourhood and the community resources available in the area. And hear from the Council of Aging about Age-Friendly Ottawa, a municipal and community collaboration between the City of Ottawa and the Council on Aging committed to maximize opportunities for health and active aging.

Elizabeth Kristjansson, Professor, Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services, University of Ottawa
Charlotte Brut, Responsable partenariats et innovation, Fondation Berthiaume-Du Tremblay, Le Quartier des Générations 
Louise Plouffe, Ph.D., Council on Aging Board Member and Chair, Age-Friendly Ottawa

Moderator: Iza Godbout, Cheffe d’équipe, Regroupement des OSBL d’habitation et d’hébergement avec support communautaire en Outaouais (ROHSCO)

Residential Landlord-Tenant Dispute Resolution

  • This panel will discuss the methods of resolving issues between tenants and landlords from the perspectives of representatives for the tenant, the landlord, the community organization, and from an international perspective. Hear from each perspective about how housing problems are currently being addressed; why formal dispute resolution does not work for everyone; and, what changes are required to bring about the best possible outcomes.  The Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario will present findings from their study on tenants who are most likely to experience housing problems and why formal dispute resolution is a challenge for them.

Celia Chandler, Partner, Iler Campbell LLP (ON)
Kenn Hale, Director of Legal Services, Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario (ON)
Paddy Gray, Professor Emeritus, Ulster University, & Member, Ireland Residential Tenancy Board (Ireland)
Lindsay Schaitel, Tenant and Landlord Cooperation, North End Community Renewal Corp. (MB)

Moderator: Shawn Fraser, Senior Director of Partnership Initiatives, YMCA Regina

The Improvement of Housing Systems by Canadian Cities

  • In this session hear about how Canadian cities are working to significantly address the impacts of the housing market in their communities. Learn about how two BC communities, Abbotsford and Greater Victoria, have used a highly authentic collaborative outcome mapping approach to co-create strategies for addressing community homelessness and housing challenges.  The City of Calgary will talk about their affordable housing strategy, Foundations for Home, and recent initiatives that encourage collaboration between stakeholders to drive systemic change in the affordable housing sector. The City of Toronto and Toronto Community Housing will talk about the Tenant First Project and Implementation Plan that is looking to lay out a vision where Toronto Community Housing focuses on being a social housing landlord, where buildings are in a good state of repair, and tenants are connected to appropriate services and are active participants in their communities.

Dena Kae Beno, Housing and Homelessness Coordinator, City of Abbotsford; and, Bob Yates, Principal, Yates, Thorn & Associates (BC)
Teresa Goldstein, Manager of Affordable Housing, City of Calgary (AB); and Sarah Woodgate, Director of Calgary Housing & President of Calgary Housing Company (AB)
Jenn St. Louis, Policy Development Officer, City of Toronto; and, Hugh Lawson, Director of Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Relations, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (ON)

Moderator: Daryl Sexsmith, CHRA Regional Director, Saskatchewan; and Housing Analyst, City of Saskatoon

Furthering the Impact of Housing through Social Procurement 

  • This session will offer operational insight into two partnerships, one between Ottawa Community Housing and Causeway Work Centre, and the other between Manitoba Housing and BUILD/MGR. It will also tell the story of Impact Construction, Choices for Youth’s social enterprise construction company for at-risk youth. The session will provide examples of the impact on individuals as well as key ingredients for other housing providers to establish similar processes to position social purchasing as a priority, furthering social outcomes in their community. 

Doug Pawson, Director, Social Business & Social Finance, Causeway Work Centre (ON)
Sheldon Pollett, Executive Director, Choices for Youth (NL)
Stéphane Giguère, CEO, Ottawa Community Housing (ON)

Moderator: Ayon Shahed, Director of Strategic Development, Choices for Youth